Swivro is an internet-based technology group that was founded in 2016, formerly known as DiskNet. We are privacy oriented. We care about privacy and security. We do our best to ensure your data is secure, safe, and private. We don't share data with any 3rd parties and we cannot be acquired.

We consider ourselves a nonprofit group. When we say nonprofit, we don't refer to being a legal registered nonprofit (501c3) organization. This just means, making a profit is not our primary goal, and we only choose to make somewhat of a profit to continue providing the online services we provide. Our brands/divisions which do not offer free services are not considered "nonprofits" and sustain themselves from its own paying customers, whereas Swivro itself, GitPear, and more of our brands, rely on Donations to continue running.

Swivro operates numerous brands, some public, some private, such as; web hosting providers, software development groups, etc.

Swivro itself, asides from operating brands, offers open source and closed source computer and online software for things like note taking, bookmarker tools, modern calendars, antivirus software, and much more, all to help with your everyday life.