What is “the best” programming language?

Programming languages, there are so many of them. Some programming languages are way easier to learn than other ones. But which programming language, is “the best” programming language?

This question, it is not really answerable. There is no “best programming languages”, they are all meant for different things, well, MOST of them. If I were to compare 2 different programming languages, meant for very similar things, like Batch and Bash, I would say Batch is easier, as its Syntax is not as confusing as Bash’s to the average person.
Here is another example, C# is primarily used for computer applications, mostly on Windows, and HTML is a markup language, being used to make websites. I cannot compare C# (it is pronounced “See Sharp” if you didn’t know) because they are used for completely different things. It wouldn’t make sense to say, “C# is way better”, because what is it better at? Developing desktop applications? Sure! Then I can say HTML is better at making websites, it is not a logical argument.
Speaking of logic, HTML Is not actually a programming language, because it does not consist of any programming logic. HTML is a markup language because it doesn’t really do anything that a conventional programming language does, like Python. Many rockets computers actually use programming languages like C++, Python, and more to control its avionics, pneumatics system, and more.
Without programming languages, we would be nowhere with technology, every computer you have ever seen uses some sort of programming language, whether its C++, to even a language like Swift.