Proof that we don't live in a simulation.

Many of us believe that we could live in a simulation, and that we most likely do, but there is one fact to prove that wrong.
You need to take up mass to store things, even on the most advanced computers in the universe, or, out of this universe. If Space is Infinite, or how big space already is, how can all of that be stored in a simulation? You cannot store infinite data in a simulation, and the "number" infinite exists, but no one has counted to it, even though that is not possible, so the number infinite would not be possible to exist, if we are hosted inside of a simulation.
All of the data in every human's brain, nearly 8 billion human brains, on just Earth, would take up an INSANE amount of data, that it would be pointless to even try to store that data, well, at least in our universe. Our universe? What is our universe? Our universe is the region of outer space that is observable, and it is really big. A universe wasn't assigned to us, no one made what we call the "universe", as the universe we live in is a large region of space that can be observed. Think of every molecule, Oxygen, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Methane, Argon, and many many more. Do you really think ALL of that, plus the number infinite, plus the millions of galaxies that exist, plus the constantly expanding borders of outer space, could be stored in a simulation? It is simply impossible.
You might think, well, I can make a mini simulation on a computer by programming it, and "infinite" can be stored easily and won't take up any space! That is completely true, but completely false. In our universe, the computers that we developed have limits, like everything in the universe has limits. The number infinite isn't really stored in that computer program. Now, if I put a text, just a simple text/paragraph on that computer program you made, and put a number that is 1.5(infinite), the 5 would go on forever, and that takes up an infinite amount of storage space. Now, think of the people who would be controlling us in this simulation, if you could call them people even. How could they be storing infinite data in a simulation? No matter how advanced we get, it just simply doesn't make sense. In the future, we can store A LOT of data in a small chip, but never close to infinite. In fact, you can simply never even get close to infinite, because it goes on forever. Think of it like this, you have 2 planes flying next to each other in a straight line, a blue one and a green one. The green one is on the right, the blue one is on the left. Think of the green one always ahead by something like 50 feet, and the red one of course always behind by 50 feet, both at the same speed. The green one will keep accelerating faster and faster, while the blue one will simply stay at the same speed, never getting close to the green one, getting farther and farther away.
That example shows, that no matter how fast you count and how high you count, you will always be counting at a certain maximum speed, and you can simply never reach the number infinite, even though it is not really considered a number, well, usually, because as we said many times, it goes on forever, faster than lightspeed.