What is the fastest way to get somewhere on Earth?

For those of you who don't know, the earth is a planet that most of us currently live on, it is not flat, there are people orbiting it right now, and its shape is a bulging sphere.

Sometimes, we need to get somewhere far away from where we live on Earth, and it takes a long time, even if it is on an airplane, it can still take somewhere around 12 hours.

Commercial Boats/Cruises are getting old, and they aren't very fast and could be dangerous. Airplanes are pretty reliable at the moment, and they are one of the cheapest ways to get somewhere "fast" that is far away, and they have been around for quite some time. Trains cannot be used to get somewhere very very very far, but they can be used to travel a decent distance substantially fast. New methods of transportation are coming, and they are coming fast. A new transportation system called Hyperloop consists of a Low-Pressure air tube with a pod inside which can travel EXTREMELY fast, with a cruising speed of about 340 meters per second or 760 miles per hour. Yes, it does seem dangerous, but before carrying people, not just commercially, but any people at all, it will be perfected in every aspect. Hyperloop uses clean energy, as it is solar-powered.

Traveling to another country via Space would be absolutely amazing, but must also be perfected in every aspect, to ensure the safety of the passengers. If you were to launch a rocket into space, on a suborbital trajectory to land right in the spot you want to be at, you could get anywhere EXTREMELY fast, like, anywhere in under an hour. SpaceX is doing this!

Solar-Powered Electric Jets could be more efficient than current jets, which are pretty slow compared to supersonic electric jets. But electric jets have not been proven to be better than standard jets that use kerosene.

For now, continue to rely on standard commercial airplanes for long distance travel, but more methods are coming soon!