What is a computer?

When we think of computers, we think of desktops. When we think of smartphones, well, we think of smartphones. Computers aren't just desktops, they are smartphones, tablets, Arduino's, Xbox's, PlayStations, and more. They are computers, because they can compute things. They all have the ability to process binary code, store data, read and write files, and more.

Rockets contain computers, boats contain computers, cars contain computers, and even keyboards contain a form of a computer.

You are probably reading this from a computer right now, unless you printed this out. When a computer is running, it is computing data every second, from the CPU, GPU, Hard Drive, and more. You simply cant get around this, and if you try to, it wont be a computer anymore, it will be a useless piece of metal. So, as long as you don't break any of your computer hardware, you will still have a computer!