What does "random" mean?

Random, is a pretty common word, but is often used incorrectly. Random, is an outcome that is unpredictable with no pattern that can be seen. Programming languages have random variables for generating things like passwords, usernames, and more.

There are some things that are not random, but can be called random, like "I randomly decided to walk down that street". That isn't random, because you chose to do it, with your control over it. To others it can be called random, because it might be unpredictable to other people. Some things that are called random are mistaken for a coincidence, like if I am shopping in a store and I run into my friends friend. That wasn't really random, it was a coincidence. If you roll a dice, it's pretty unpredictable on what it will land on, unless you have a machine that calculates its velocity and slowing rate, and movements, that can calculate the result. Then, the dice roll will not be random.

If I am thinking of the letter pattern, aaao, and I generate random letters using a random letter generator, and it comes out as aaao, it is a random coincidence, not just a coincidence, and not just random.

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