How cache can speed up your website.

We all are annoyed when we visit a website, then for some reason, we have to clear our cookies or cache in our browser. We are NOT talking about real cookies, like the edible ones, we are talking about browser cookies. Cache is stored in your browser for a reason, instead of loading all of the data from a website, directly from the web server, it loads it quickly on your browser client, with the stored data being called "cache". This is faster because it does not have to fetch the extra data from the web server, causing a slower load time and an overall slower website experience. Cache basically speeds up your connection to websites.

Cache is very beneficial, if your website is down, and you need it up for your clients and visitors to view while you work the problem to get it back online, what you can do next time is, have the web server create cache for your website content, so next time your website is down, instead of your server loading the data from the actual source code files and sending it to the visitor, it will load it from the saved cache, and send it to the visitor. This is what CloudFlare does to keep their customers' websites up and running while the origin server is offline. This is one of the best methods, actually, pretty much the best method of keeping a website that is actually offline, appear as online and functioning without any possible disruptions.

Next time you look to clear your browser cache, only clear it, if it is affecting one or more websites in a negative way, because cache speeds up website load times and overall experiences.