Heres why a smartphone could be generally better than a laptop.

Most of us have smartphones, and we really like them, well, at least if they aren't a few years old. A lot of us also have laptops, and they are very useful. At the moment, most laptops are more powerful than smartphones, but smartphones are more simple and portable, specifically Android phones. You can do more things on Laptops, due to the huge popularity of the Windows OS.

Desktop Apps for Windows, Mac, and more are getting old, its better to have a product all online rather than having to download a program or installation file. Android apps, aren't really getting old, they are actually WAY more popular than desktop apps, mostly because of the Google Play Store. Smartphones are less complicated than laptops are require less thinking and skill to perform certain actions. They are way easier to take care of. If you want to call someone, you simply just take your phone, put in your PIN code or password or fingerprint, then simply tell your assistant whether it is Google, Bixby, or more, "Call Kasper", or whatever the persons name is.

People who don't use technology will understand how to use a smartphone easier and faster than trying to learn how to use a laptop, meaning smartphones are usually more user friendly. Your assistant on your phone, like Bixby, is also really helpful. You can have your phone in your pocket, and you can say, "Hey Bixby, text John where are you?", and it will text John with your message, which in this case is, "Where are you?".

We mentioned before, you can do more things on laptops. Laptops DO have more things to do, but when it comes to communicating with other people, smartphones take the win. You can do many things on a smartphone that you can do on a laptop, MUCH faster. If I wanted to send someone an Email and I were on a laptop, I would have to boot it up, open my browser, type (or whatever mail provider you use), click Compose, write my email, and click send, which all could take up to 7 minutes. If I wanted to send someone an email on a phone, I would have to power it on (which usually takes less than 25 seconds), and then tell my assistant, "send rob an email saying, hello, how are you doing?", which could take up to a little more than a minute at most.

We haven't perfected the technology for smartphones yet, and we never will, because there will always be another thing that we need to make better. Eventually, smartphones will be more powerful than laptops, but as of right now, we do not have that capability.

The conclusion is, smartphones could be generally better than laptops, but this will be in the future, and that future is not very far away at all. At the moment, laptops are more powerful, and could be faster to do certain things like creating a website, or coding an application. Stick with a laptop and a smartphone, because they are both extremely useful/helpful.