The future method of producing electricity

Currently, the majority of our power/electricity comes from natural gas/fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, not good, and nuclear energy from nuclear power plants. We talked about Tesla's in one of our previous Blog Post's and about how it can help stop earth pollution by using one, but let us explain to you how you can actually help stop polluting Earth by using a Tesla. If you are charging your Tesla with fossil-fuel powered electricity, that could release even more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than a regular gas-powered car does. But if you charge your Tesla with Solar Power, or something like Hydrogen Fuel Cells, it is completely clean.

Now, the good part, Hydrogen Fuel Cells. You might not know what they are. Hydrogen Fuel Cells are systems that create electricity by using Hydrogen as fuel. Hydrogen is extremely easy to get. You can get some water into a cup with sink water or water from your fridge, and then separate the oxygen and hydrogen molecules. You won't need the oxygen molecules, you will only need the Hydrogen molecules. This is what one of Toyota's new cars is going to do, it is a Hydrogen Car. You could also power your entire house with these Hydrogen Fuel Cells, as it is completely clean.

We haven't perfected these Hydrogen Fuel Cells yet, meaning they are not completely stable. The NASA Space Shuttle was actually powered by fuel cells when it was in orbit, but these fuel cells did not live on Hydrogen. Once we make Hydrogen Fuel Cells perfect and 100% stable, we could completely stop the use of nuclear power plants globally, and replace them with gigantic Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Plants.