Should we focus on fully switching to renewable energy?

This article is not biased in any way towards any politicians. The US very much relies on nonrenewable energy, like oil. Nonrenewable energy is a natural resource, like burning coal. Renewable energy is energy collected from renewable sources, and are naturally replenished actively, like windmills, and solar energy. We have not yet perfected renewable energy, but we are very close to.

There are indeed a few companies that are strongly trying to change the world to use only renewable energy, but at the moment it is a bit expensive. As time goes by, we are always working on new methods to produce electricity from renewable sources for much cheaper than what it currently is. Hydrogen is renewable if you are producing it using biomass gasification. Biomass gasification is when you turn a fossil fuel based material into things like Hydrogen, CO, and CO2. Using Hydrogen Fuel Cells, you can turn that Hydrogen into electricity, and that is completely clean.

For now, we will have to partially continue to rely on nonrenewable energy sources, as we simply have not yet perfected the technology to make just as much renewable sources being just as efficient. Solar Energy is renewable, but we do not have "good" solar panels yet. The solar panels we have aren't very strong, and they lose a ton of energy just because of Earth's atmosphere blocking it. An idea is, you could have a bunch of solar panels in low-earth-orbit, have them collect energy from the sun, and transmit them down to us at earth through the clouds via microwaves, and have them sent at a certain frequency to not harm any life on Earth. That is just an idea/concept though, and is not reality at the moment.

The conclusion is, for now we will have to continue to partially rely on nonrenewable sources, but it is definitely a good idea to work towards switching to fully renewable energy in the future.