If smartphones aren't the future, what is?

A lot of people say that smartphones are old technology, including Elon Musk. Well, then, what IS the future?

Everyone has a different option when it comes to smartphones and the latest technology. Billionaire Elon Musk has said that his Neuralink Brain Chips are the future, as you will be able to communicate with other people without speaking, and you can "download" other people. Neuralink's are indeed the future as no one has really invented a safe and usable brain chip that can cure neurological diseases and can make you one step closer to a "superhuman". We at Swivro believe that smartphones will always be used, even way in the future, but they will evolve to be different. The question, "are smartphones the future" is really an opinion-based question, and cannot really have a true answer to it. If we look at cellular phones a decade ago, and look at them now, they have indeed evolved a lot and look much different. So, imagine smartphones in 10 years, we have no idea how they will look, whether they will look way cooler, worse, or the same. There is no correct answer to if smartphones will be the future.