How much will it cost to ride on Starship to another country?

Starship is a spaceship designed and manufactured by the private company, SpaceX. We talked about Starship a lot in our previous blog posts, but today we are focusing on Earth-To-Earth travel on Starship, meaning you can travel from one country to another, just like a normal airline, like a Boeing 747. With Starship, you could get to anywhere on earth in under an hour, literally anywhere. A flight could cost about $1,000-$1,500 per seat. You may be wondering why this is so cheap, considering it literally goes into space to travel to another country. Well, Starship is a fully reusable spaceship. Fully. The first stage, aka booster, lands back at the launch site, this is called RTLS, return to launch site. This is what SpaceX's Falcon Rockets currently do, so it has been proven that it can be done. Starship could be rapidly re-used, by simply landing the booster next to the launchpad, moving the booster back onto the launchpad, putting another Starship on top of the booster, fueling it up, and launching again. This is why the tickets are so cheap.

Now you may be asking, is it safe? Starship will be tested lots and lots of times before it becomes commercially available for flight. Elon Musk, the owner and CEO of SpaceX, said that he is aiming for the first crewed Mars Mission on the Starship to be in 2024, meaning Earth-To-Earth travel on Starship could be in 2022, 2023, or 2024. It is currently 2020 and 2 Starship prototypes have flown to 150 meters and landed, and soon a starship will fly to 60,000 ft and land back at the launch site. This means, SpaceX perfects every little thing involved with Starship, meaning your safety is ensured.