How is the new iPhone 12 the "best" new phone.

Inages for the iPhone 12 by Apple has recently been leaked by Apple. But is this smartphone really a good one? The iPhone is definitely not the best smartphone, but it is decent. Apple is falling behind all the other smartphone companies like Samsung, Motorola, and more. This is because, with every new iPhone that comes out, it either has minimal decent updates, far less than Samsung, or literally just the worst updates.

On the other hand, Samsung and Motorola, and Android of course, release amazing updates which actually make a positive impact on your smartphone experience, unlike Apple. The iPhone interface is also slowly starting to look more dated, as it is rarely receiving major UI updates. It is also very limited.

Conclusion: If you are thinking about getting an iPhone 12, it would be a much better choice to get an Android Phone. It's also financially smarter to get an Android Phone, because the iPhone 12 is insanely and ridiculously overpriced.