How far can we get with modern-day computers?

It is a fact that you have a computer somewhere in your house. There is a 1% chance that you don't. Whether its your phone, your thermostat, your watch, or your TV Remote, they all have computers inside them. People say "oh, phones aren't computers, my tablet isn't a computer either!", well you are absolutely incorrect. They have computers in them.

With modern day computers, we can do almost anything. We can go to other planets, we can create a jetpack, we can create a fake human (AI), and much much more. But do we have limits?

We will always have limits with computers, but we will always surpass those limits, and then have more limits to overcome. Almost everything on Earth uses computers. A train, an airplane, a rocket/spacecraft, and even your car. Lot's of companies are created to surpass these limits and create more advanced technology, like Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and more. You might not be familiar with Neuralink, Neuralink is a company founded and operated by Elon Musk. Neuralink is a company developing high-tech brain chips that can connect you to other computers and other electronic devices, making you one step closer to being a "superhuman", and it can also help issues caused by neurological diseases.

Computers are getting more advanced by the day. Less than 2 decades ago, we had very basic gas-powered cars. Now, we have fully-electric cars with virtual assistants and auto drive features in it. Yes, Tesla.

In just a few years we will have way more advanced technology. But at the moment, we are stuck with what we have, but what we have is amazing and can get us almost anywhere.