Here's why you can trust our password manager.

You have probably used a Password Manager before. Many companies provide Password Managers, some you download, some you use online. The ones online are usually more risky to use, as they are able to be accessed by anyone who has access to the server that the Password Managers database is stored on. Even though they are usually encrypted in a MySQL Database, they can still be cracked, or stolen. Password Managers that you download are usually relatively safer/less risky to use, as hackers cannot gain unauthorized access to your personal computer like how they can gain unauthorized access to a public server. For example, I, the person writing this blog post, am currently writing this on a personal laptop. The server that Swivro uses is a public server hosted by OVH. It would be easier to gain access to the server as it is public and the IP can be easily retrieved, as it would be harder to find the network I an connected to on my laptop and use that IP Address to your advantage. Our Password Manager also stores passwords locally on your browser, so it is not stored in any sort of public database. This can also be safer than simply saving your passwords to your browser directly, and our Password Manager is simple and more organized. You can try our password manager, for free of course, by clicking right, riiiiightttt, somewhere over here. Maybe. Fine, you can click here. We will also be integrating a simple and quick password generator pop up at the click of a button. Thank you for reading this blog post, we are releasing more every 3 days.