Create a Blog for Free! No Payment Info needed.

You want to make a Blog but do not want to pay a penny? Let's get straight into it.

You are going to need to sign up for a account.

After you create an account, log into your account and then look at your navigation bar, the (usually) blue bar at the top of the page. Click the button saying "+ Write".

After clicking that button, you will then be brought to a new page showing, "You don't have any WordPress sites yet."

Click the button saying "Create Site".

You will then be brought to a new page prompting you to choose the name for your site. You can change the name later, so the name shouldn't require a ton of thinking.

Click Continue, then continue to the "Choose your Domain" page and select the first option ending with

Then, choose a theme you would like, and click continue.

It will then ask you for what features you require, go ahead and click Skip.

After skipping, you can scroll down and select the "Free" plan.

Congratulations, you now own your very own online Blog that you can update at any time, from anywhere. Happy Blogging!