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Social Media can be fun, but what about addiction?

There are indeed a lot of different social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. They each have their own features which allows you to share things that you are experiencing in life. These platforms can be fun to use, but what about addiction? Various Social Media Platforms are made to get you addicted to it, to stay with them, and invite your friends to get them more users and more popular. Social Media can be helpful, but when it starts to use you, its a problem. If you aren't paying, you are the product. Once you become addicted, they use you as their product. They show you ads based on what you search, they convince you to purchase services from them, and trying to quit social media will be as hard as trying to quit smoking cigarrete's. Now, it isn't too late to stop your addiction if you are already addicted. There are some steps you should consider taking to break free from your social media addiction. Stop using social media in the m

Should we focus on fully switching to renewable energy?

This article is not biased in any way towards any politicians. The US very much relies on nonrenewable energy, like oil. Nonrenewable energy is a natural resource, like burning coal. Renewable energy is energy collected from renewable sources, and are naturally replenished actively, like windmills, and solar energy. We have not yet perfected renewable energy, but we are very close to. There are indeed a few companies that are strongly trying to change the world to use only renewable energy, but at the moment it is a bit expensive. As time goes by, we are always working on new methods to produce electricity from renewable sources for much cheaper than what it currently is. Hydrogen is renewable if you are producing it using biomass gasification. Biomass gasification is when you turn a fossil fuel based material into things like Hydrogen, CO, and CO2. Using Hydrogen Fuel Cells, you can turn that Hydrogen into electricity, and that is completely clean. For now, we will have to partially c

Why is an Arduino so important?

If you don't know what an Arduino is, its basically your computer, except extremely tiny. Arduino is an open-source hardware and software company, project and user community that designs and manufactures single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for building digital devices. (credit to Arduino) Arduinos can be used in lots of different things, you can build a rocket that uses an Arduino Computer for its entire guidance system, and stabilization system. You can also use that tiny little computer, no we aren't talking about Arduinos (that's a joke if you didn't know!), to be in a car, providing autosteer, autodrive, anti-collision system, and more. With Arduino's, you can literally make anything possible. Arduino's of course, are a bit less powerful than a full-size PC with a case and everything, but an Arduino is still pretty powerful for its size. Raspberry Pi's are also pretty similar to Arduino's, except Arduino's are usually relativel

How good is Snapchat?

DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to impact the integrity and reputation of Snapchat. Snapchat is cool! This article lists some possible downsides of Snapchat, but no evidence is provided. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms in use today, in the year 2020. There are many other platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, but Snapchat is a bit unique. It is more similar to TikTok than it is to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Snapchat messages also disappear after a certain period of time. Snapchat isn't really a "bad" app, but it does have some bad things which are done behind your back. Snapchat can be very addicting, as this is most likely one of Snapchat's goals, to get you addicted to Snapchat to constantly use it, and get more people to use it, like your friends. This could be one of their methods of getting new users, because Snapchat gets their users to rave about Snapchat and its functions to their friends and other p

Liquid Rocket Fuel vs Solid Rocket Fuel

You may have seen some rockets have giant "firey" looking exhaust coming from the engine with a lot of smoke, but you also might have seen other rockets with no smoke coming out of the engines, and just a little plume. Small Plume with no smoke Big Plume from Solid Rocket Fuel Powered Engines with lots of smoke. The first image is a Liquid Hydrogen and Liquid Oxygen fueled engine. The second one is a solid-rocket-fuel powered engine that releases a lot of energy by burning something. The reason some companies use mostly solid fuel over liquid fuel, like Arianespace and United Launch Alliance, is because solid fuel is MUCH cheaper than liquid fuel. Solid Rocket Motors are also much easier to operate, and simpler to create. Solid Rocket Motors can also provide more thrust, and can be ignited in less than a split second, which is why they are also used for abort towers, to quickly pull the capsule away from a failing rocket safely, efficiently, and quickly. Some differences betw

The future method of producing electricity

Currently, the majority of our power/electricity comes from natural gas/fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, not good, and nuclear energy from nuclear power plants. We talked about Tesla's in one of our previous Blog Post's and about how it can help stop earth pollution by using one, but let us explain to you how you can actually help stop polluting Earth by using a Tesla. If you are charging your Tesla with fossil-fuel powered electricity, that could release even more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than a regular gas-powered car does. But if you charge your Tesla with Solar Power, or something like Hydrogen Fuel Cells, it is completely clean. Now, the good part, Hydrogen Fuel Cells. You might not know what they are. Hydrogen Fuel Cells are systems that create electricity by using Hydrogen as fuel. Hydrogen is extremely easy to get. You can get some water into a cup with sink water or water from your fridge, and then separate the oxygen and hydrogen

How is the new iPhone 12 the "best" new phone.

Inages for the iPhone 12 by Apple has recently been leaked by Apple. But is this smartphone really a good one? The iPhone is definitely not the best smartphone, but it is decent. Apple is falling behind all the other smartphone companies like Samsung, Motorola, and more. This is because, with every new iPhone that comes out, it either has minimal decent updates, far less than Samsung, or literally just the worst updates. On the other hand, Samsung and Motorola, and Android of course, release amazing updates which actually make a positive impact on your smartphone experience, unlike Apple. The iPhone interface is also slowly starting to look more dated, as it is rarely receiving major UI updates. It is also very limited. Conclusion: If you are thinking about getting an iPhone 12, it would be a much better choice to get an Android Phone. It's also financially smarter to get an Android Phone, because the iPhone 12 is insanely and ridiculously overpriced.

How far can we get with modern-day computers?

It is a fact that you have a computer somewhere in your house. There is a 1% chance that you don't. Whether its your phone, your thermostat, your watch, or your TV Remote, they all have computers inside them. People say "oh, phones aren't computers, my tablet isn't a computer either!", well you are absolutely incorrect. They have computers in them. With modern day computers, we can do almost anything. We can go to other planets, we can create a jetpack, we can create a fake human (AI), and much much more. But do we have limits? We will always have limits with computers, but we will always surpass those limits, and then have more limits to overcome. Almost everything on Earth uses computers. A train, an airplane, a rocket/spacecraft, and even your car. Lot's of companies are created to surpass these limits and create more advanced technology, like Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and more. You might not be familiar with Neuralink, Neuralink is a company founded and op

If smartphones aren't the future, what is?

A lot of people say that smartphones are old technology, including Elon Musk. Well, then, what IS the future? Everyone has a different option when it comes to smartphones and the latest technology. Billionaire Elon Musk has said that his Neuralink Brain Chips are the future, as you will be able to communicate with other people without speaking, and you can "download" other people. Neuralink's are indeed the future as no one has really invented a safe and usable brain chip that can cure neurological diseases and can make you one step closer to a "superhuman". We at Swivro believe that smartphones will always be used, even way in the future, but they will evolve to be different. The question, "are smartphones the future" is really an opinion-based question, and cannot really have a true answer to it. If we look at cellular phones a decade ago, and look at them now, they have indeed evolved a lot and look much different. So, imagine smartphones in 10 year

How much will it cost to ride on Starship to another country?

Starship is a spaceship designed and manufactured by the private company, SpaceX. We talked about Starship a lot in our previous blog posts, but today we are focusing on Earth-To-Earth travel on Starship, meaning you can travel from one country to another, just like a normal airline, like a Boeing 747. With Starship, you could get to anywhere on earth in under an hour, literally anywhere . A flight could cost about $1,000-$1,500 per seat. You may be wondering why this is so cheap, considering it literally goes into space to travel to another country. Well, Starship is a fully reusable spaceship. Fully. The first stage, aka booster, lands back at the launch site, this is called RTLS, return to launch site. This is what SpaceX's Falcon Rockets currently do, so it has been proven that it can be done. Starship could be rapidly re-used, by simply landing the booster next to the launchpad, moving the booster back onto the launchpad, putting another Starship on top of the booster, fuelin

Free alternatives to Microsoft Word

We all have used or heard of Microsoft Word. It may be a bit pricy to some of us, especially if you purchase the entire Microsoft Office Suite. Luckily for us, there is a free alternative to us, and a very good one if you use Windows. Nearly every Windows PC comes with WordPad. WordPad is just like Microsoft Word, but has the most minimal differences. WordPad does not have to be installed, as it comes with your PC/Laptop. Yes, Laptops too. There is also a free software named LibreOffice, which is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. LibreOffice is easy to use and you can get familiar with it extremely easily, as it has the same feel as Microsoft Word and WordPad. Google Docs is also an option, but you will have to use it through your browser. It is completely free, and all you need is a Google Account. Microsoft Word, being a paid software of course, has more features than WordPad, LibreOffice, and Google Docs. This is expected of course, but WordPad, LibreOffice, and Google

Create a Blog for Free! No Payment Info needed.

You want to make a Blog but do not want to pay a penny? Let's get straight into it. You are going to need to sign up for a account. After you create an account, log into your account and then look at your navigation bar, the (usually) blue bar at the top of the page. Click the button saying "+ Write". After clicking that button, you will then be brought to a new page showing, "You don't have any WordPress sites yet." Click the button saying "Create Site". You will then be brought to a new page prompting you to choose the name for your site. You can change the name later, so the name shouldn't require a ton of thinking. Click Continue, then continue to the "Choose your Domain" page and select the first option ending with Then, choose a theme you would like, and click continue. It will then ask you for what features you require, go ahead and click Skip. After skipping, you can scroll down and select the &qu

Here's why you can trust our password manager.

You have probably used a Password Manager before. Many companies provide Password Managers, some you download, some you use online. The ones online are usually more risky to use, as they are able to be accessed by anyone who has access to the server that the Password Managers database is stored on. Even though they are usually encrypted in a MySQL Database, they can still be cracked, or stolen. Password Managers that you download are usually relatively safer/less risky to use, as hackers cannot gain unauthorized access to your personal computer like how they can gain unauthorized access to a public server. For example, I, the person writing this blog post, am currently writing this on a personal laptop. The server that Swivro uses is a public server hosted by OVH. It would be easier to gain access to the server as it is public and the IP can be easily retrieved, as it would be harder to find the network I an connected to on my laptop and use that IP Address to your advantage. Our Passw

Let's learn about the Space Shuttle.

The American Space Shuttle was an amazing spacecraft vehicle. It was partially reusable. The orbiter portion, which is what most people like to call, "the actual shuttle part" (even though the entire thing was actually called the Space Shuttle, yes, the side boosters and huge external fuel tank) would be reused by performing a de-orbit burn in space, which would take the orbiter out of orbit to fall back down somewhere on earth, then land at a runway for the crew to then be evacuated. The two solid-fuel powered boosters on the sides of the orange external fuel tank were retrieved from parachuting into the ocean and then would undergo refurbishment. The orange external fuel tank would not be re-used, and a new one was made for every launch. There were 5 space shuttles that flew to orbit and back. All of the Space Shuttles that flew to Orbit and landed back on planet Earth. Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour still exist, but unfortunately, Columbia and Challenger ended in disas

Let's look at Northrup Grumman's Antares Launch today.

At the time of this blog post being written, Northrup Grumman's rocket named Antares has not launched yet and is currently being fueled up on the launchpad ready for launch, meaning we do not know if the Antares/Cygnus launch has been aborted and/or scrubbed yet. Cygnus is the pressurized module atop the Antares Rocket second stage. A pressurized module is a spacecraft module that humans can live in, as there is breathable air. Unpressurized spacecraft modules are modules that do not have breathable air in it and are a vacuum. The word vacuum means empty space, meaning an unpressurized module contains no matter. The Antares rocket uses Liquid Oxygen and Kerosene for fuel on its first stage/booster stage. The first/booster stage uses two twin RD-181 Engines. The second stage uses a solid rocket motor called Nothrup Grumman CASTOR®. Liquid Fuel is used on the first/booster stage because it is easier to control than solid fuel, and has less limitations. You are able to throttle and st