Why is SpaceX's Starlink important?

SpaceX has been launching lots of cargo into outer space via their Starlink Program, atop their Falcon 9 reusable rocket. Whenever a Falcon 9 Rocket launches into earth orbit, it usually often deploys many satellites in that one rocket launch, rather than just a few. There are currently hundreds of Starlink satellites in earth orbit, but this number may increase or decrease soon. With all of these satellites orbiting our blue planet, they have received good results with very low latency and speeds greater than 100MBPS (approximately the average American internet speed). To really show you how fast this is, it is enough to stream multiple 1080p movies simultaneously and still have a decent amount of extra available bandwidth which you can use. SpaceX's Starlink satellites will allow you to have very fast internet for a cheap price, probably cheaper than your current provider if it isn't already Starlink :)

Starlink official website: starlink.com