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You might know from some of our previous Blog Posts that Chromium-Based browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, and even Chromium itself, are not good for your privacy, and are basically sugar-coated spyware for your devices.

Before we get into mobile browsers, if you would like to learn more about the downsides of Chromium-based web browsers, you can read our previous blog post here,

Now, onto mobile browsers. All of us that have a mobile device, which is most of us, use a mobile browser. If you don't, well then you're just weird. Just kidding, but most of us use mobile browsers. If you use Firefox, you might have updated it and have seen the brand new full design update. This design update does mess with the code of some websites and can mess it up, and it can just be generally annoying to a lot of people, including us! Because of this update, you may want a new browser. Whether you experienced this, or you just want a new browser in general, there is a great browser for you.

Almost all of the mobile browsers available to everyone for free uses Chromium, but there are just a few that do not. Aloha Browser for Mobile is a secure and privacy-focused browser that offers a built-in VPN while you are surfing the web. Aloha comes with a modern design, a bit similar to Chrome and Firefox, but at the same time very different. Because of Aloha's slightly-similar design, you can get used to it very quickly. Aloha's built-in VPN hides you from hackers that try to steal personal information from you and track you across the internet, meaning that is a very good thing to have in a browser. Aloha Browser also blocks spammy-ads, stores files you download in their custom file manager, and has a built-in media player. Aloha is also fairly lightweight, so you do not need to worry about a lot of storage space being used up by this browser.

Aloha Browser is currently available for Android and iOS.

Download Aloha Browser:

For Android

For iOS