Tesla vehicles vs Liquid-Gas based vehicles.

Tesla is the best electric car provider in the world. Tesla creates super-advanced technology for its electric cars and for SpaceX. If you didn't know, they are both owned by Elon Musk. Tesla is much better than standard gas-powered cars for a lot of reasons. Since Tesla's are fully electric, they require less maintenance over time and usually last longer without needing any sort of repairs or refurbishments. Tesla's may be a bit more expensive than your average gas-powered or hybrid car, but they are overall cheaper over time. When you arrive at a Tesla Supercharger station, (basically the same thing as a normal gas station, but it is just all electricity instead of gas) it cost less to charge your Tesla than it would to fill up your average gas-powered car with gas. Sure, it does take a lot longer to charge your Tesla than it does to fill up your normal gas-powered car with gas, but think of this, would you rather contribute in polluting Earth by releasing a ton of Carbon Dioxide out of your exhaust pipe, or would you rather have no exhaust pipe, not pollute Earth, and have a potentially safer vehicle. You would probably choose the second one, and if you don't, please learn more about cars and then come back to read this blog post at Swivro. And if you still choose the first one, you shouldn't be here on planet Earth. Go to Pluto or something.

Hybrid cars are a step up from pure gas-powered cars, but they of course still contribute to polluting Earth's environment. You will simply save money a lot of money by getting a Tesla. If you want to save even more money, you can get a bunch of solar panels, throw them together on the roof of your house, or somewhere else, and then have them feed power to a decently big battery, and have your Tesla Charger use power from that battery. This gives you the ability to charge your Tesla with energy from the sun. The new Tesla Cybertruck will most likely have built-in solar panels on top of it, so the vehicle gets charged partially as you are driving. Tesla's are also extremely modern looking, so that's a plus.

Just get a Tesla.