Qwant, the "privacy-respecting" search engine.

Qwant is a "privacy-respecting" search engine founded in the year 2011 and launched in 2013. Qwant has a beautiful interface and uses Bing for its search results. Qwant is sort of like DuckDuckGo, it looks like they both use Bing's search results and have a similar goal. DuckDuckGo and Qwant are both very good, and no proof of them tracking you has been found, but they do have some differences. Qwant has a more unique modern interface, while DuckDuckGo tends to have a slightly faster load-time. Qwant is also based in Paris, France (earth of course, well, until people start living on Mars and more :) ), and Europes Privacy Protection Laws are also very strict, even more strict than the US. This means that even if Qwant wanted to track you, sell your data, see everything you do, or more, they would be heavily limited and wouldn't be able to do all of the unethical things that some search engines and companies do, like selling data, watching your every move, giving you ads based on your actions, and much more.

Qwant says this on their Privacy page:

When you use Qwant as a search engine, we don’t put any cookie on your browser that may allow us or others to recognize you or to follow you everywhere on the Internet. We don’t use any tracking device (pixel, fingerprinting…). We don’t collect and we don’t store any history or your searches. When you search, your query is instantly anonymized by being dissociated from your IP address, in accordance with what the French data controller advises. Long story short, what you are doing with Qwant is part of your privacy and we don’t want to know.

Qwant is indeed an amazing privacy-respecting search engine, that does not track you.