Netlify, the free GitHub Powered CDN

Sometimes, we make websites or applications that use 3rd party CDN's, this could be for CSS files, Javascript files, or more. You might not be able to host certain files on your own server because you want to save disk space, you want to save bandwidth or more. Whatever it is, you can use the Netlify CDN for free, using a GitHub repository. This CDN Service is 100% free and serves your file extremely fast. Even us at Swivro use Netlify for some of our products, to preserve disk space. All you need is a free GitHub account and a free GitHub Repository, then you can create a file and/or upload a file, login to Netlify, link the repository with the appropriate configurations, and wait for your Netlify app to be deployed to the Netlify CDN. You now have your own subdomain where you can host static content to use it as a CDN of course, and to even host an entire static website.