Artificial Intelligence easily could be a threat to us.

We all know about AI, a lot of us are thinking, "none of that AI stuff that we see in movies will ever happen". If you are thinking that, reconsider what you are thinking. AI Could easily be a huge danger to us if it is not developed safely. AI like most of your phone assistants, including Bixby, Siri, and more. These AI's are programmed to do only the certain tasks which the developers programmed it to do, making the AI incapable of doing anything further. Some other types of AI's learn things on their own, without the need of help from humans. This could be extremely dangerous, because the AI can eventually figure out how to remove its own restrictions, and create a device which can literally takeover Earth. This is why we should not create AI's which learn how to complete tasks and gain more knowledge on their own, making them have their own "artificial minds" and becoming self aware. Instead, it would be way better to create AI's which are programmed to do certain tasks, and cannot do anything else. While both of these types of AI's help us, one can be a threat to us, and one is safe, and we need to focus on avoiding the one that can be a threat to us.