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Tesla vehicles vs Liquid-Gas based vehicles.

Tesla is the best electric car provider in the world. Tesla creates super-advanced technology for its electric cars and for SpaceX. If you didn't know, they are both owned by Elon Musk. Tesla is much better than standard gas-powered cars for a lot of reasons. Since Tesla's are fully electric, they require less maintenance over time and usually last longer without needing any sort of repairs or refurbishments. Tesla's may be a bit more expensive than your average gas-powered or hybrid car, but they are overall cheaper over time. When you arrive at a Tesla Supercharger station, (basically the same thing as a normal gas station, but it is just all electricity instead of gas) it cost less to charge your Tesla than it would to fill up your average gas-powered car with gas. Sure, it does take a lot longer to charge your Tesla than it does to fill up your normal gas-powered car with gas, but think of this, would you rather contribute in polluting Earth by releasing a ton of Carbon

How you can protect your Wi-Fi network.

People's Wi-Fi networks are attacked everyday. Some of our Wi-Fi networks are attacked and we do not know what to do. There are a few possibilities of how your Wi-Fi network may be being abused. Your Wi-Fi network could be very slow or it could go out often if someone is abusing it in different ways. This is usually the most common issue when Wi-Fi networks are constantly going in and out, and are becoming very slow (of course after you ensure its not a direct ISP issue). You can deal with this issue in 2 different ways easily. You can either find the device that is abusing the network, and ban it from the network or ensure the device no longer abuses the network bandwidth, or you can log in to your network gateway, and limit every devices speed from there to a speed that is not extremely fast, but fast enough for the devices to video call, voice call, and more. Let's say you have a Wi-Fi speed of about 300 MBPS and you have 5 devices connected. You could 1/5th of the Wi-Fi spe

The best mobile browser.

You might know from some of our previous Blog Posts that Chromium-Based browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, and even Chromium itself, are not good for your privacy, and are basically sugar-coated spyware for your devices. Before we get into mobile browsers , if you would like to learn more about the downsides of Chromium-based web browsers, you can read our previous blog post here, . Now, onto mobile browsers. All of us that have a mobile device, which is most of us, use a mobile browser. If you don't, well then you're just weird. Just kidding, but most of us use mobile browsers. If you use Firefox, you might have updated it and have seen the brand new full design update. This design update does mess with the code of some websites and can mess it up, and it can just be generally annoying to a lot of people, including us! Because of this update, you may want a new browser. Whether you experience

The most innovative technology in the 21st century.

As of the 21st century, SpaceX operates one of the most innovative technologies, or perhaps the actual most innovative technology, for their reusable rockets. SpaceX's Starship which is currently in development as of September 2020, is a fully reusable rocket. SpaceX Starship Booster and Spaceship When the entire rocket reaches space, the first stage/booster stage will obviously detach from the spaceship part. It has enough fuel left to literally fire up its engines to perform a re-entry burn to slow it down before fully re-entering the atmosphere, and then performing a landing burn to land right next to the launchpad where it launched from, to be re-used. Booster Stage performing boost-back burn. Booster Stage landing next to the orbital starship launchpad. The actual spaceship itself, which is still in space, now in Earth Orbit, will wait there in orbit, while the booster gets ready to launch again, with a Starship Tanker on top of the booster, instead of the spaceship. The Stars

Artificial Intelligence easily could be a threat to us.

We all know about AI, a lot of us are thinking, "none of that AI stuff that we see in movies will ever happen". If you are thinking that, reconsider what you are thinking. AI Could easily be a huge danger to us if it is not developed safely. AI like most of your phone assistants, including Bixby, Siri, and more. These AI's are programmed to do only the certain tasks which the developers programmed it to do, making the AI incapable of doing anything further. Some other types of AI's learn things on their own, without the need of help from humans. This could be extremely dangerous, because the AI can eventually figure out how to remove its own restrictions, and create a device which can literally takeover Earth. This is why we should not create AI's which learn how to complete tasks and gain more knowledge on their own, making them have their own "artificial minds" and becoming self aware. Instead, it would be way better to create AI's which are progra

Qwant, the "privacy-respecting" search engine.

Qwant is a "privacy-respecting" search engine founded in the year 2011 and launched in 2013. Qwant has a beautiful interface and uses Bing for its search results. Qwant is sort of like DuckDuckGo, it looks like they both use Bing's search results and have a similar goal. DuckDuckGo and Qwant are both very good, and no proof of them tracking you has been found, but they do have some differences. Qwant has a more unique modern interface, while DuckDuckGo tends to have a slightly faster load-time. Qwant is also based in Paris, France (earth of course, well, until people start living on Mars and more :) ), and Europes Privacy Protection Laws are also very strict, even more strict than the US. This means that even if Qwant wanted to track you, sell your data, see everything you do, or more, they would be heavily limited and wouldn't be able to do all of the unethical things that some search engines and companies do, like selling data, watching your every move, giving you a

How easy is it to break through Cloudflare protected sites?

Cloudflare is a popular DNS shield provider, and web application firewall. Some people like it, and some people do not. Whether you like Cloudflare or not, there are some facts about Cloudflare, that are not good. Lot's of website use Cloudflare's Flexible SSL Mode. This is not good for a few reasons, but we are going to talk about the most important reason. It is extremely unsafe. You do not need much experience to crack through this encryption layer. Once somebody cracks through Cloudflare's SSL, they can see all of the info being transmitted from and to your website directly, all unencrypted. This info can contain unencrypted passwords, usernames, emails, bank account info, credit cards, and more (this all depends on what type of website it is and what is stored on it). This can be done to other websites that use different providers, but a similar encryption method. Here is what is exactly happening: The connection between your browser and Cloudflare's servers, and y

Netlify, the free GitHub Powered CDN

Sometimes, we make websites or applications that use 3rd party CDN's, this could be for CSS files, Javascript files, or more. You might not be able to host certain files on your own server because you want to save disk space, you want to save bandwidth or more. Whatever it is, you can use the Netlify CDN for free, using a GitHub repository. This CDN Service is 100% free and serves your file extremely fast. Even us at Swivro use Netlify for some of our products, to preserve disk space. All you need is a free GitHub account and a free GitHub Repository, then you can create a file and/or upload a file, login to Netlify, link the repository with the appropriate configurations, and wait for your Netlify app to be deployed to the Netlify CDN. You now have your own subdomain where you can host static content to use it as a CDN of course, and to even host an entire static website.

Why is SpaceX's Starlink important?

SpaceX has been launching lots of cargo into outer space via their Starlink Program, atop their Falcon 9 reusable rocket. Whenever a Falcon 9 Rocket launches into earth orbit, it usually often deploys many satellites in that one rocket launch, rather than just a few. There are currently hundreds of Starlink satellites in earth orbit, but this number may increase or decrease soon. With all of these satellites orbiting our blue planet, they have received good results with very low latency and speeds greater than 100MBPS (approximately the average American internet speed). To really show you how fast this is, it is enough to stream multiple 1080p movies simultaneously and still have a decent amount of extra available bandwidth which you can use. SpaceX's Starlink satellites will allow you to have very fast internet for a cheap price, probably cheaper than your current provider if it isn't already Starlink :) Starlink official website: