Intel vs AMD

Intel VS AMD, an argument that gets people in a very competitive mood. Lots of us believe that Intel is the best CPU out there, and lots of us also believe that AMD is the best CPU out there.

You do not need the best CPU for simply gaming or doing work all day. You may have heard, your friend or colleague has an amazing Intel Core i9 CPU on their powerful laptop or desktop. Although the Intel Core i9 is very powerful, it isn't always really necessary. Another friend or colleague may have an AMD Ryzen 9, which is one of AMD's fastest and best CPUs.

The Intel Core i9 CPU and the AMD Ryzen 9 are indeed both fast and great CPUs, however, they both have pros and cons. Intel CPU's are more powerful, but they do cost a bit more than AMD CPUs. AMD CPUs arent quite as powerful as Intel CPUs, no matter what anyone says, but they are cheaper. If you have a big budget, and just an Intel CPU itself is out of your entire budget, it's a good choice to purchase an AMD CPU, preferably a Ryzen CPU.

There will be certain AMD CPUs that are more powerful than an Intel CPU and some Intel CPUs are better than some AMD CPUs. For example, let's take one of Intel's less powerful CPUs (Intel Celeron) and AMD's Ryzen 9 CPU, the AMD CPU will obviously be more powerful. But if you take the two basically latest AMD And Intel CPUs, the Intel Core i9 and the AMD Ryzen 9, Intel will usually always take the win, although depending on the exact CPU model, there might be some differences.

The verdict is, if you want a cheaper CPU that is decent and that works pretty well for gaming and for work, the best option is AMD. If your budget is a bit bigger, and you are able to get an Intel CPU without it wiping away your money left to spend in your budget, you should definitely get an Intel CPU.

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