How do I know if a website is really down or not?

Many of us go to websites sometimes, and you cannot reach them, but your friends can. This is either an issue on your end, or the origin server is offline. But to figure out if it is truly offline, or just you, you need to use a tool to verify whether it is offline or not.

We have released a new tool, called IsThisHostDown?

This tool is very easy to use, all you need to do is visit the project page, type in a domain name, and click the button to submit it. It will either tell you the website is up or down, solving your issue.

Access "IsThisHostDown?" by clicking here.

IsThisHostDown is one of the fastest downtime checker tools in the world, so if you are in a rush to check if a website is down or not, you can be free of waiting 10+ seconds for other downtime tools to check if a website is down, whereas ours checks if a website is down in usually less than 2 seconds.