Get a google knowledge panel for your business/org/company.

When you have a website, you often worry about SEO issues. An SEO issue could be something like your website being low in the search results or your website not even showing up when you search for your website name on google. Thankfully, there is something called a knowledge panel, it is a big sidebar on the right of a search result that shows info about the company or person.

You may think only very popular companies, businesses, or organizations can get these. Well, fortunately, you can get one now for free! All you need to do is register a Google Account, sign up for Google My Business, submit your business category, name, and some other info. You will need to provide your address as Google will send a postcard to you with a verification code that you must submit on your Google My Business Control Panel. Don't worry though, Google won't share this information with the public, or, maybe, you know google ;) (it won't be visible to the public)

Once you completed the Google My Business verification process, you will be able to receive questions, and customer reviews. You can add new status updates, and you could even be eligible for a free website (will have a google brandmark at the footer and will have a subdomain name). During this "pandemic", you will be able to add a COVID-19 Update to give your customers updates on how COVID-19 will be affecting your business, or not :)

Click here to visit Google My Business.