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Here's why you really need an Antivirus and Firewall.

Lot's of us do not have antivirus's, and we think, well if I don't download anything bad I will never get a virus. Well, this isn't really true. When you visit a website, it could be doing many things behind your back, like Google, Bing, and more. Some websites with bad intentions download executable files to a hidden path on your computer, you will not notice it being downloaded and you will not notice it in your files. If you have an antivirus, it could easily automatically take care of this, without requiring you to manually take any action. Although, if you do not have an antivirus, it can be very easily for hackers to install "rootkit" which is used to spy on your activity and control your PC, and even through at your camera. Most Antivirus's also come with a free integrated Firewall System, which blocks any sort of fully web-based attack. Let's say your home internet speed is somewhere around 80MBPS (this is about the average internet speed), a

Intel vs AMD

Intel VS AMD, an argument that gets people in a very competitive mood. Lots of us believe that Intel is the best CPU out there, and lots of us also believe that AMD is the best CPU out there. You do not need the best CPU for simply gaming or doing work all day. You may have heard, your friend or colleague has an amazing Intel Core i9 CPU on their powerful laptop or desktop. Although the Intel Core i9 is very powerful, it isn't always really necessary. Another friend or colleague may have an AMD Ryzen 9, which is one of AMD's fastest and best CPUs. The Intel Core i9 CPU and the AMD Ryzen 9 are indeed both fast and great CPUs, however, they both have pros and cons. Intel CPU's are more powerful, but they do cost a bit more than AMD CPUs. AMD CPUs arent quite as powerful as Intel CPUs, no matter what anyone says, but they are cheaper. If you have a big budget, and just an Intel CPU itself is out of your entire budget, it's a good choice to purchase an AMD CPU, preferably a

Get a google knowledge panel for your business/org/company.

When you have a website, you often worry about SEO issues. An SEO issue could be something like your website being low in the search results or your website not even showing up when you search for your website name on google. Thankfully, there is something called a knowledge panel, it is a big sidebar on the right of a search result that shows info about the company or person. You may think only very popular companies, businesses, or organizations can get these. Well, fortunately, you can get one now for free! All you need to do is register a Google Account, sign up for Google My Business, submit your business category, name, and some other info. You will need to provide your address as Google will send a postcard to you with a verification code that you must submit on your Google My Business Control Panel. Don't worry though, Google won't share this information with the public, or, maybe, you know google ;) (it won't be visible to the public) Once you completed the Google

What is cache? Why is it important?

We all visit websites and notice sometimes it seems to load faster than usual, and sometimes it takes longer than usual, especially when you notice that the page content seems a bit different, meaning the owner updated the website. This is often due to the cache. Cache is often useful, but also often the reason of lots of issues. Website Cache is when you visit a website, and it pulls static content from the most recent other visitors instead of all the code directly from the origin server. In return, you get a faster load time. The downside is, even though you usually get an improved load time, it can sometimes display outdated content, or companies like Google can use the Cache and sell your visitor information. Cache absolutely isn't required, companies say it is  so important and that every big website uses cache. Part of that is true, lots of big websites  do use cache, but it is absolutely not necessary. There are two different types of caching, browser caching and serversi

What is a DDOS Attack Mitigator?

DDOS Stands for Distributed Denial Of Service (attack). A DDOS Attack sends more data to a target, like an IP Address, or a website, than it is actually capable of handling. Let's say a website has a global network capability of 10GBPS, in and out (which is very fast). You can send around 15-20GBPS, and if the target does not have a DDOS Mitigator of some sort, the target will be offline for however long you send the data for. But, you may be asking, "What is a mitigator, and how do I get one?" A DDOS Attack Mitigator is a system that attempts to completely suppress a DDOS attack, by blocking suspicious traffic with large amounts of data with the same pattern every time, and same info, and the same port. Let's say you use a hosting company for your website like OVH, and your OVH Web Server has a speed of 100MBPS in and out. Someone can easily send 1GBPS to take down your network, but after the attacker sends the 1GBPS Attack, OVH's mitigator will kick in and ensur

How do I know if a website is really down or not?

Many of us go to websites sometimes, and you cannot reach them, but your friends can. This is either an issue on your end, or the origin server is offline. But to figure out if it is truly offline, or just you, you need to use a tool to verify whether it is offline or not. We have released a new tool, called IsThisHostDown? This tool is very easy to use, all you need to do is visit the project page, type in a domain name, and click the button to submit it. It will either tell you the website is up or down, solving your issue. Access "IsThisHostDown?" by clicking here. IsThisHostDown is one of the fastest downtime checker tools in the world, so if you are in a rush to check if a website is down or not, you can be free of waiting 10+ seconds for other downtime tools to check if a website is down, whereas ours checks if a website is down in usually less than 2 seconds.

Protect your code, website, and/or blog content for free.

We have all heard of people's code or website content getting stolen, and the same goes for application code, software code, and website articles. Fortunately, you can put your work under a license, at no cost. One of the most commonly used licenses is called  CC by 4.0 When you license your content under CC by 4.0, it gives people the ability to use your code personally and commercially, under the following terms: You must give appropriate credit to the original creator You cannot add more legal terms than the license already has, and you cannot remove any existing legal terms. In other words, you cannot add additional restrictions. This not only says that they have to give you credit and that they cannot add more terms, but also gives you the ability to legally go after them for disobeying the license terms. You can contact them and warn them, and if they do not listen, you can simply contact their hosting provider, and domain registrar about it, and they should be able to handle

The SpaceX Starship is important.

As of today, August 3rd, 2020, the Starship is a spacecraft vehicle designed by private company SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk. The Starship will take humans to Mars, and then back to earth. It will take off from Earth with 2 stages, boosting it to space and setting it on a course to Mars. When the Starship lands on mars, it will collect methane and oxygen from Mars for fuel for the Starship to then take off from Mars and put itself on a course for Earth, and then land on Earth. The Starship is our future, and it plans on taking humans to Mars by the year 2024, which is in about 3.5 years. Starship will be the worlds most powerful spacecraft vehicle that is in operation, and Starship will be fully reusable because the entire Starship will be reusable, with no parts needing to be rebuilt, and can easily be refueled, and even on Mars (as we mentioned before) and possibly the Moon. The Starship will take off for the first time tomorrow (on August 4th) and will perform a 150-160 meter hop (abo