You shouldn't use a web based password generator, use Blumon instead.

We all have used a password generator before.  But, most of us have used online versions, such as the popular website,  This website is web-based, and although it is not proven, nor is there even any small amount of evidence, but it is certainly possible that trackers could be logging your password, even though they are not visible in any way.  Their ISP Could be monitoring network traffic and seeing the generated passwords.  Even if you use their "local password generator" option, it could be tracked by some tracking cookies in your browser, or Google, which mainly operates Chromium, with many websites being based on Chromium including Opera, Vivaldi, Google Chrome, the new Microsoft Edge, and much more.  Blumon™ is a password generator maintained and operated by Swivro.  Blumon runs on Windows 7-10 and Linux with the "wine" package installed.  Blumon is maintained and operated by Swivro.  Blumon is also not web-based at all, and has absolutely no connection to any website, CDN, database, etc.  Blumon can be used offline without any internet connection, on a desert, a forest, or even Mars.  Blumon has a visually amusing design, like Swivro :) , and is very lightweight and easy to use.

Download Blumon on our Projects Page by clicking here.