You can create an entire internet organization website with no money.

You may have noticed, Swivro is a nonprofit organization, yet we pay for our domains, CDN's, and more, yearly or monthly.  You might have wished once that you could create your own organization, maybe a bit similar to Swivro, but you cannot afford to pay for your domain, your web hosting, your SSL certificate, and more.  Fortunately, GitHub offers a service called GitHub Pages.  GitHub Pages is a free service that allows you to host a website, as long as it is static.  Meaning, you cannot use any backend web languages, like PHP, it can only be static content, like HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.  This could affect your goal, but you can work around it with some effort.  Simply build your website for free in a website builder like Gramateria, or even Wix or WebFlow, then save the source code to it on your device, then upload it all to your newly made GitHub Repository.  You can go to the repository settings, then scroll down to GitHub Pages, and enable it using the master branch, and you will be provided with your own subdomain.  You now have your own organization website, and you can get your organization registered with Google at for free to improve search engine results and info on Google for your organization.  You now forever have your own website, and if you plan on earning money through this free website hosted by GitHub, you can use the money to get your own domain name and connect it to your GitHub Pages site for free so instead of your domain being a subdomain, it will be your own top-level domain name.  If you will not make money off of your free website with GitHub, that is totally fine, and you can still operate your website professionally without flaws, even offering projects like Swivro's.