Why you shouldn't use 3rd Party DNS Managers

3rd Party CDN’s are websites that allow you to host your DNS Zone with them, rather than just pointing your nameservers directly to your host or using your domain registrars DNS.  A few examples of 3rd party DNS Providers would be Cloudflare, Shovl.io, and FreeDNS.  They all require you to point your domain names nameservers to their server hostnames so that they can host all of your DNS Queries.  This puts you at risk of more downtime, slower average load time, and potentially more security risks.  Downtime because if they experience an issue causing your website to go down, and your actual host server is still up, that wastes uptime and causes major disruptions to your visitors.  Slower average time because instead of pointing your nameservers directly to your host server or DNS Registrar, they have to go through a whole 3rd Party DNS Zone Manager and CDN, and then that CDN And DNS Zone has to process the DNS Query you’ve just sent and then send that DNS Query to your host server, causing a slower average load time.  And finally, potentially more security risks because if the 3rd Party company experiences one little minor issue, it could cause your website to go down, and if you are using one of their “DNS Shields (this hides your origin server IP Address)”, they can get your origin IP and send a denial of service attack to you, meaning it will overload your origin server because they passed through the 3rd Party DNS Shield, and they are now able to send tons of packets to your origin server.  Let’s say your origin server speed is around 100MBPS, they can send a 200GBPS Attack and successfully take down your origin server.  It’s better to have an actual functional server with a good denial of service mitigator.  We at Swivro have stopped using a 3rd party CDN, and our average load time increased by around 5 SECONDS.