Why we often make modifications to our website and why it's important.

You may have noticed we often add new little features to Swivro, and change parts of its design and/or style often.  This is because, it is important to modernize your website.  What is considered "modern" will always change.  For example, let's look at Microsoft a decade ago, and Microsoft today.

Microsoft in 2010:


Microsoft in 2020:


As you can see, there is a huge difference.  That design in 2010 was what was considered modern and up to date back then.  But now as we look at it, it looks old and outdated.  Microsoft has even updated their website in the last week.  You can leave your website alone for just 6 months, and after those 6 months your website might have some "old" features that everyone shifted away from!  What is considered modern can be changed instantly.  If you were to travel back in time and show someone in 2005 the current Microsoft Website, they would think it was the best website design in the world.  This can happen today, but there won't be a time traveler.  It just takes one individual or company to come up with a unique, beyond-modern, and appealing design that has visual features that no other site has, and then it could be considered, "The best website design in the world".  It is just like, if you were to show someone from the 1980's a Tesla like the one listed below:

They would think you have the "coolest car" ever.  So if you leave a design alone for 10 years, it would most likely look terrible if you call it good 10 years later.  This is why it is important to constantly modify your website to look more modern and good.  You might like a design that is not modern, but chances are, tons of people will not like it, as they will assume its outdated and no longer managed.  You do not have to edit/modify a lot of things to keep your site up to date, for example, for 1-2 months you can just change edges of buttons from pointy to round, and add small visual features that separate sections that are irrelevant to each other, like instead of a line you can add a wavy line, like this:

We hope you enjoyed today's blog post!