Which domain extension should you get?

Every website has a domain extension, also known as a TLD (Top Level Domain).  Twitter's TLD is .com, FBI's TLD is .gov, etc.  But which TLD should you purchase for your own website?  We recommend you pick from one of the 3 most popular main TLD's, which are: .com, .net, and .org.  If you sell products on your website commercially, whether they are internet-based services like web hosting or even an online grocery store, it is usually standard to use .com, as com stands for commercial.  If you have a network of products (this could be for-profit or nonprofit), and a website that owns other websites or projects, meaning you have your own entire network of websites, projects, and/or services, you should use the .net TLD for this.  You can also use the .network TLD, but it is usually easier to type out and remember .net, so it's better to use .net for user-friendliness, unless you are creating a name which has the word network in it, like CYGO Network's domain name, CYGO.Network.  If you have a nonprofit organization that does not have an entire network of websites, services, and/or projects, and it is a single offering, we recommend you get .org as it stands for organization.

Now you may be stuck asking, "But where should I register my domain name?".

We have 2 answers for that, and they are quite simple.  If you plan on using your domain for 1-2 years, we recommend 1&1 IONOS as they charge only about $1 for the first year of your domain name if you use a credit card.  But this is of course only if you have a credit card.  If you plan on using your domain name for as long as possible at the moment, we recommend Porkbun for an overall cheaper price over time.