TikTok is not safe

We all know TikTok is the new "amazing" app.  Lots of people have this app and use it daily.  What people do not know about this app is, they target children and take their information and sell it.  As explained in some of our previous blog posts (specifically the Zoom one), they can use your face and use it for facial recognition or for AI to track your face, so any other website that uses the same AI will recognize you, and know who you are.  TikTok tracks and traces your IP Address, Device ID, Web Browser User-agent, your country and/or location, and your activity within the app, such as how much time you spend on it, especially watching videos on it.  Many organizations are preventing their employees from using TikTok and banning it all across their organization.  TikTok is affiliated with the Chinese government and owned by a Chinese company.  This Chinese company and the Chinese Government spy's on you and everything you do on TikTok.  If they notice one suspicious thing, they can track you down, monitor you, and even go as far as coming after you.  What do we suggest?  Uninstall TikTok, delete your account.  This may get rid of the data they used to track you, but there is no guarantee, but it is the best idea.