Google Blogger or WordPress?

If you haven't heard of Blogger, it is a service owned and managed by Google LLC and is like WordPress.  You might know Blogger as it previously not being owned by Google and be referred to as Blogspot.  Blogger is free and relatively easy to use.  But this doesn't get you out of all of the unethical actions that google does.  Blogger is not open source and is very limited.  You cannot install premade themes, and you cannot install plugins, something WordPress could do.  Google also collects data from your blog that you create with Blogger and sells it and uses it to spy on you and understand what you are doing more.  With WordPress, you can code your own plugins and themes and integrate them, and you can modify the WordPress source code all you want.  WordPress has way more options than Blogger.  But to fully customize the WordPress source code and fully modify it, you will need your own Web Hosting, VPS, Or a Dedicated Server.  These are very cheap though if you find the right provider.  A very cheap VPS Company is Contabo, which we talked about in our previous blog post.  Although, if you do not want to fully customize the WordPress Source Code, and you are ok with WordPress watermarks, you can use WordPress's Public Server at