Facebook, is it safe or not?

Facebook is known for its incredible social sharing on the app. But things you don't know about Facebook are being unmasked here. Today we are going to talk about reasons to not trust Facebook with your personal information, or any sensitive information you are sharing through the Facebook platform.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are known for showing things of your best interest, but did you know that these ads are tracking your every move on Facebook, and when you click on the ads which they provide to you, it logs all your information via 3rd party companies. These 3rd party companies see your info because Facebook allows it within Terms Of Service Policy's. At a Certain Extent Facebook will give these 3rd party's limited info about you, however its still information that you don't want not everyone, or anyone at all to have.

Facebook Call Tracking & Recording

When you are in a Facebook call, you believe that it is just you and the other person you are talking to. Well, this is not true at all. The call is being recorded by Facebooks technology and sent to them. Its no shock that these big companies are recording your calls. Apparently, this is for security reasons, but sometimes it is unsafe to let Facebook see your call. For example, lets say your calling someone about very sensitive and/or private information that you dont want anyone else in existence to see, well, there goes your privacy.

Should We use Facebook?

You can use Facebook, but it is not recommended due to the reasons we have just listed above. An open source alternative to Facebook would be Mastodon.  Its fully open source and free, and you can get it at mastodon.online.