Does SSL/TLS aka HTTPS Connection matter?

Most of us go to websites, see http:// "Not Secure", rather than "Secure" with https:// and think it is still fine, even if you are submitting your login information. Although, on some websites, this does not matter, like if you are just viewing a static website with ONLY text and images, and no forms or user-information-related things. But, if you are logging into a website or submitting information with an http:// unsecured connection, and you would prefer if tons of people didn't see the information you are submitting, you should reconsider using that website. An HTTPS/SSL/TLS Connection encrypts all information between you and the website you are visiting, it is end-to-end encryption. When there is no HTTPS Connection and you are submitting info, anyone can view your connection to the server, and see all the info being submitted. If you have an HTTPS/SSL/TLS Connection, instead of hackers seeing "PASSWORD" they will see some gibberish like "6357657435743546". It is always important to ensure your website connection is secured with SSL or TLS, and if it is not you should consider contacting the owner of the website.