We are expanding beyond Internet Projects

As you know, Swivro develops projects for the internet, such as Swivro Plus, Verzent Cloud, URL Shorteners, ElectronJS Web Servers, and more.

Ever since Swivro started, it has been developing projects like the ones mentioned above.

If you ask someone who is familiar with Swivro what Swivro is, they will most likely tell you we create web and desktop projects.

Swivro plans to expand outside of just Internet Projects like web apps and desktop apps.  We are now offering two new services called Swivro Gaming, and Swivro Logos.  Swivro Gaming will be focused on gaming videos to be uploaded to the Swivro Website for you to watch and be entertained by.  These games include games such as Minecraft, Flight Simulators, Space Flight Simulators, and more.  Swivro Logos will be based on tutorials for creating logos.  We have more ideas, which will be discussed with our advisor, Liam.  We plan to release more services like the ones displayed above.  Here is a link to our new services page which contain the services listed above: https://swivro.net/landing/services/