Ungoogled Chromium? What is it?

Chromium is the “open source” browser engine that powers lots of browsers, including Google Chrome, Vivaldi Browser, Opera Browser, and more.  We all know how Chromium tracks you, and you can see more info about that on our previous blog post, here.  There is a software on GitHub, known as Ungoogled Chrome, which is a version of Chromium, with all Google dependencies removed, retaining its original chromium experience as close as possible.  Most default-enabled features like privacy enhancement must be manually enabled now, due to it be fully de-googled.  You can access the Ungoogled Chromium Source Code at https://github.com/Eloston/ungoogled-chromium.  You can download the prebuilt binaries for Ungoogled Chromium at https://ungoogled-software.github.io/ungoogled-chromium-binaries/.  The prebuilt binaries support Windows, and Linux, including a portable Linux file.  Ungoogled Chromium does not track you, and it is an extremely good alternative to google chrome.  Keep in mind, this does not fully remove all google dependencies and built-in services and binaries.  Ungoogled Chromium has done the following to make a majority of this chromium instance ungoogled:

  • Remove all remaining background requests to any web services while building and running the browser

  • Remove all code specific to Google web services

  • Remove all uses of pre-made binaries from the source code, and replace them with user-provided alternatives when possible.

  • Disable features that inhibit control and transparency, and add or modify features that promote them (these changes will almost always require manual activation or enabling).

Because of it not being fully de-googled, it is advised to still not use chromium at all.  This is good for experimenting with the chromium source and trying to further de-google chromium, and also for seeing what Chromium looks like by itself without all frontend Google Services.