Ookla SpeedTest.Net vs Fast.com, which should you use?

Two of the worlds most popular internet speed test platforms are SpeedTest.Net and Fast.com

Both of these platforms do what they are meant to do.  But they are certainly different.

User Friendliness:

Fast.com takes the win here, as all you have to do is visit the fast.com website and it immediately launches the speed test and shows your result right away, a screenshot is posted below.  On the other hand, speedtest.net shows different results compiled into one area, like Ping, Upload Speed, and Download Speed.  Many people may not know what this is, like people who know what a megabyte is, but not Upload Speed, Download Speed, or Ping.


These both seem to be accurate and about the same speed results.  They serve you with accurate results without any general issues.  SpeedTest.net nor Fast.com take the win.

Site Loadtime:

SpeedTest.Net has an average load time of 0.54 seconds, whereas Fast.com has an average load time of about 0.64, meaning SpeedTest.Net takes the win, but this should not matter at all due to its minimal difference.

The winner is Fast.com

The winner is Fast.com because of its extreme user-friendliness, and simplicity.  It is easy for anyone to understand their internet speed, by simply showing a number, like 417MBPS.  If you want to use Fast.com all you have to do is visit https://fast.com and it will immediately start the speed test and show you your results within seconds.