Google will not be the top tech company forever.

We all know Google is one of the biggest top tech company giants.  Lots of people are happy about this, and lots are not.  Google will not always be the #1 tech giant.  Let’s take a look at previous top tech companies.

IBM.  IBM  was the #1 tech company in almost the whole world a few decades ago.  IBM Made what was the best computer and OS in the world back then.  They kept improving slowly, but then some other companies took over.  Apple came, Windows came, and Linux came.  Apple, Windows, and Linux innovated faster than IBM and progressed faster.  They overtook IBM and had more features and offerings than IBM.  Still to this day in 2020, IBM is still far behind and is no longer innovating.

Now that we know this happened to IBM, we know it can easily happen to Google.  All it takes is one company to progress faster than google, and innovate faster than google, have unique ideas, be smart business-wise, and they can overtake google.  This can happen at any time or day.  DuckDuckGo might become more popular than Google Search Engine, as DuckDuckGo respects your privacy way more than Google Does.  Firefox is also very more privacy-respecting than Google Chrome.  Firefox is open source, and Chrome claims to be open source but is not fully open source.

You shouldn’t be surprised when some random company you never heard of takes over Google one day.