Google is listening to you.

Swivro has done experiments with Google Assistant on Android Phones, specifically LG, Samsung, Google Pixel, and more.  We ran a series of tests, which shows google is actively literally listening to you through your mobile devices’ microphone, and give you ads based on your literal personal conversations.  They use this as a method for directing you to certain ads so they can make a profit.  This is extremely unethical and should not be happening.  Companys that do this is ruining the free world of the internet, limiting our online privacy rights.  They also take what you say in your conversation and use them to give you ads across every google service, including YouTube.  You may have once searched “VPN” on google, then seen an ad for a VPN Company like NordVPN on YouTube a few minutes, hours, or days later.  This is very similar to how google listens to your voice and gives you ads based on that.

Notice: This blog post at Swivro is not intended to harm the reputation of any company, individual, or organization.