An open source alternative to YouTube.

Many people do not like YouTube itself, or its interface and/or functionality.  Some issues with YouTube are the lack of privacy.  YouTube’s lack of privacy points to many different factors, such as you cannot set region-locked content, there are lots of ads, and some are inappropriate, etc.

YouTube does have a bright side.  Its very user friendly, its completely free, and requires absolutely no advanced “tech” work, and you can express your creativity to millions, even billions of people on YouTube for free by just uploading a small video, and everything is very clear.

A great open-source alternative to YouTube is PeerTube.  PeerTube has amazing design and functionality.  A screenshot will be shown below:

Click here to view the screenshot

The downside of PeerTube is, if you want it to be public you must purchase a VPS or Dedicated Server.  You can use your own internet to host it publicly, but your IP Address will be exposed publicly unless you use a DNS Shield like, but that will slow the connection down and likely cause some issues.  This is not confirmed though, you can try this at your own risk.

Although, you can definitely host it on your own internet for private use, and this will be much safer.

Get PeerTube by clicking here!