An alternative to Google Translate

Google translate is known as pretty much the world's most popular language translator on the internet.  Many people use it every single day, and some people want an alternative to it.

Fortunately, we have an alternative for you.  This is called DeepL Translator.  It has a modern interface and translates languages easily and correctly.  You can access DeepL translator here:

DeepL does not offer all languages for free, but it is very accurate and provides definitions for the words you translate.  DeepL does not track you either.  You can download DeepL For Windows if you want to easily access DeepL Translator at any time.  DeepL also provides another service called Linguee which is the world's largest database of translations.  You can search for a word to translate and it searches for it in the database and translates it.  You can visit and use Linguee at