A great cloud based chatting app and VOIP app for free.

Many people use Discord, Slack, Teamspeak, and more for voice calling and chatting.  Many people also do not realize that their data is not fully secure and that some of these companies track, and sell your data.  Some of these chatting companies even have bots to peak at your messages and give you ads based on what you are talking about.  Let's say you talk about dog toys in your private messages, you might go on a website and see an ad by google for Dog Toys.  No one likes these types of companies when you are just trying to chat with your friends or co-workers.

Some more reasons why you shouldn't use this type of chat services:

Device Fingerprinting:

These types of chat companies often use something called device fingerprinting.  It collects information about you and your account, stores it in their database, and sometimes sends it to Google or more for research purposes.  This is very unethical and should not be done at all, even if you need a way of profiting.

Third-Party Downtime:

These services often go offline due to their third-party CDN's like Cloudflare being offline.  All they gain from using third-party services for their chatting company is more downtime, slower load time, slower overall network speed, and even getting tracked for again, unethical research purposes.

Thankfully, we have a solution for you.  Telegram is an extremely secure chatting service also offering voice chatting services through VOIP.  Telegram offers a web view, a beautiful desktop app, and an android and iOS app.  Telegram also claims they have self-destructing servers, meaning if a hacker has successfully breached one of telegram's servers, it immediately archives everything and wipes it off of the server so the hacker cannot breach any data.  Telegram is also surprisingly free, and it is fully cloud-based.  If you have telegram on your mobile device, and you switch mobile devices, you can simply download Telegram on your new mobile device and login and all your messages will be there.  Telegram also lets you send any type of file with a maximum size of 1.5GB, unlike some chatting apps like WhatsApp, Discord, and more.  If a message fails to send, it will be saved to your draft messages so you can come back to it later and try again.  Try telegram today at www.telegram.org.

Enjoy :)