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What exactly is a computer virus? How to avoid it?

We all know what computer viruses are, or we at least know a short and easy description of them.  Most people refer to them as "computer viruses, malware, and PC Infections". But what actually defines a computer virus? A computer virus is a program that looks normal and looks like it does normal things, such as an auto clicker for your favorite video game, but actually does things that you don't know about, "behind the scenes". You may not notice these things until later on, and you may notice that your PC is slower, your CPU is always at 100%, your ram is always at high usage, or your computer is just acting weird in general. This may be due to the virus creators using your PC as a "bitcoin miner". They use your PC to mine for bitcoin which requires them to hog all of your PC resources.  You should always have an antivirus, and if you need a decent one for free we recommend Avira Free Antivirus. If you notice any of the things we mentioned before, you

Check if your email has been compromised for free

Everyone is worried about if their password has been compromised or not.  Many people also change their email passwords often due to the worry about their email being compromised.  Well, we have good news for you.   You can simply visit this website called HaveIBeenPwned by clicking here .  All you need to do is simply enter your email address (they do not store your email address to track you), and it will show you if your email is compromised, and which websites it was compromised through.  For example, let's say you use Twitter, and a few years ago they suffered from a data breach and you had an account there, it would say "Twitter suffered a data breach in 2015" and what was compromised, for example, email addresses, usernames, passwords, phone numbers, credit cards, etc.  This website is completely free and requires no sign up/registration.  This website has a database of many websites and they store information about those websites and all data breaches they have ha

An alternative to Google Translate

Google translate is known as pretty much the world's most popular language translator on the internet.  Many people use it every single day, and some people want an alternative to it. Fortunately, we have an alternative for you.  This is called DeepL Translator.  It has a modern interface and translates languages easily and correctly.  You can access DeepL translator here: DeepL does not offer all languages for free, but it is very accurate and provides definitions for the words you translate.  DeepL does not track you either.  You can download DeepL For Windows if you want to easily access DeepL Translator at any time.  DeepL also provides another service called Linguee which is the world's largest database of translations.  You can search for a word to translate and it searches for it in the database and translates it.  You can visit and use Linguee at Enjoy!

Should I use Gitea? Why not GitHub?

Gitea or GitHub?  What's the difference? First off, let's show you a description of GitHub: GitHub, Inc. is a United States-based global company that provides hosting for software development version control using Git. In 2018, it became a subsidiary of Microsoft for US$7.5 billion. It offers the distributed version control and source code management functionality of Git, plus its own features. It provides access control and several collaboration features such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management, and wikis for every project. Now, let's show you a description of Gitea: Gitea is an open-source forge software package for hosting software development version control using Git as well as other collaborative features like bug tracking, wikis and code review. It supports self-hosting but also provides a free public first-party instance hosted on DiDi's cloud. It is a fork of Gogs and is written in Go. Gitea can be hosted on all platforms supported by Go includin

Google will not be the top tech company forever.

We all know Google is one of the biggest top tech company giants.  Lots of people are happy about this, and lots are not.  Google will not always be the #1 tech giant.  Let’s take a look at previous top tech companies. IBM.   IBM  was the #1 tech company in almost the whole world a few decades ago.  IBM Made what was the best computer and OS in the world back then.  They kept improving slowly, but then some other companies took over.  Apple came, Windows came, and Linux came.  Apple, Windows, and Linux innovated faster than IBM and progressed faster.  They overtook IBM and had more features and offerings than IBM.  Still to this day in 2020, IBM is still far behind and is no longer innovating. Now that we know this happened to IBM, we know it can easily happen to Google.  All it takes is one company to progress faster than google, and innovate faster than google, have unique ideas, be smart business-wise, and they can overtake google.  This can happen at any time or day.   DuckDuckGo  

Ungoogled Chromium? What is it?

Chromium is the “open source” browser engine that powers lots of browsers, including  Google Chrome, Vivaldi Browser, Opera Browser,  and more.  We all know how Chromium tracks you, and you can see more info about that on our previous blog post,  here .  There is a software on GitHub, known as Ungoogled Chrome, which is a version of Chromium, with all Google dependencies removed, retaining its original chromium experience as close as possible.  Most default-enabled features like privacy enhancement must be manually enabled now, due to it be fully de-googled.  You can access the Ungoogled Chromium Source Code at .  You can download the prebuilt binaries for Ungoogled Chromium at .  The prebuilt binaries support Windows, and Linux, including a portable Linux file.  Ungoogled Chromium does not track you, and it is an extremely good alternative to google chrome.  Keep in mind, 

Ookla SpeedTest.Net vs, which should you use?

Two of the worlds most popular internet speed test platforms are SpeedTest.Net and Both of these platforms do what they are meant to do.  But they are certainly different. User Friendliness: takes the win here , as all you have to do is visit the website and it immediately launches the speed test and shows your result right away, a screenshot is posted below.  On the other hand, shows different results compiled into one area, like Ping, Upload Speed, and Download Speed.  Many people may not know what this is, like people who know what a megabyte is, but not Upload Speed, Download Speed, or Ping. Accuracy: These both seem to be accurate and about the same speed results.  They serve you with accurate results without any general issues. nor take the win. Site Loadtime: SpeedTest.Net has an average load time of 0.54 seconds, whereas has an average load time of about 0.64, meaning SpeedTest.Net takes the win, but this

Google is listening to you.

Swivro has done experiments with Google Assistant on Android Phones, specifically LG, Samsung, Google Pixel, and more.  We ran a series of tests, which shows google is actively literally listening to you through your mobile devices’ microphone, and give you ads based on your literal personal conversations.  They use this as a method for directing you to certain ads so they can make a profit.  This is  extremely unethical and should not be happening.   Companys that do this is ruining the free world of the internet, limiting our online privacy rights.  They also take what you say in your conversation and use them to give you ads across every google service, including YouTube.  You may have once searched “VPN” on google, then seen an ad for a VPN Company like NordVPN on YouTube a few minutes, hours, or days later.  This is very similar to how google listens to your voice and gives you ads based on that. Notice: This blog post at Swivro is not intended to harm the reputation of any compan

An open source alternative to YouTube.

Many people do not like YouTube itself, or its interface and/or functionality.  Some issues with YouTube are the lack of privacy.  YouTube’s lack of privacy points to many different factors, such as you cannot set region-locked content, there are lots of ads, and some are inappropriate, etc. YouTube does have a bright side.  Its very user friendly, its completely free, and requires absolutely no advanced “tech” work, and you can express your creativity to millions, even billions of people on YouTube for free by just uploading a small video, and everything is very clear. A great open-source alternative to YouTube is  PeerTube .  PeerTube has amazing design and functionality.  A screenshot will be shown below: Click here to view the screenshot The downside of PeerTube is, if you want it to be public you must purchase a VPS or Dedicated Server.  You can use your own internet to host it publicly, but your IP Address will be exposed publicly unless you use a DNS Shield like, but th

A great cloud based chatting app and VOIP app for free.

Many people use Discord, Slack, Teamspeak, and more for voice calling and chatting.  Many people also do not realize that their data is not fully secure and that some of these companies track, and sell your data.  Some of these chatting companies even have bots to peak at your messages and give you ads based on what you are talking about.  Let's say you talk about dog toys in your private messages, you might go on a website and see an ad by google for Dog Toys.  No one likes these types of companies when you are just trying to chat with your friends or co-workers. Some more reasons why you shouldn't use this type of chat services: Device Fingerprinting: These types of chat companies often use something called device fingerprinting.  It collects information about you and your account, stores it in their database, and sometimes sends it to Google or more for research purposes.  This is very unethical and should not be done at all, even if you need a way of profiting. Third-Party

We are expanding beyond Internet Projects

As you know, Swivro develops projects for the internet, such as Swivro Plus, Verzent Cloud, URL Shorteners, ElectronJS Web Servers, and more. Ever since Swivro started, it has been developing projects like the ones mentioned above. If you ask someone who is familiar with Swivro what Swivro is, they will most likely tell you we create web and desktop projects. Swivro plans to expand outside of just Internet Projects like web apps and desktop apps.  We are now offering two new services called Swivro Gaming, and Swivro Logos.  Swivro Gaming will be focused on gaming videos to be uploaded to the Swivro Website for you to watch and be entertained by.  These games include games such as Minecraft, Flight Simulators, Space Flight Simulators, and more.  Swivro Logos will be based on tutorials for creating logos.  We have more ideas, which will be discussed with our advisor, Liam.  We plan to release more services like the ones displayed above.  Here is a link to our new services page which cont