Why you should stop using Chromium Browsers now.

(Before you read this post, Chromium-based browsers are browsers created based on the source code of Google Chrome.  All of the facts listed below also apply to Google Chrome and any other chromium-based browser like Opera, Epic Browser, Vivaldi, and more.)

 You shouldn't be using chromium-based browsers. Chromium browsers are linked to google, and google tracks every single little thing you visit, do, or search. The reason so many people use chromium browsers is because of their user-friendliness, making it easy for people not so good with computers to easily browse the web without much confusion. Chromium Browsers also use device fingerprinting, meaning they take all of the information about your system, save it to their database, and if you go to any other place whether its an app, or website that Google has access to, they will know that it is you. Google also uses chromium to see your search history and give you ads (sometimes even on the browser application itself) based on your history. Chromium also hogs all of your computers RAM (Memory), making your computer slower, or even sometimes get a blue screen (on windows). Chromium also uses a lot of cache, so it takes up even more disk space than a majority of other browsers. Chromium also always knows your ISP, IP Address, and more information about your network even if you are using a VPN or Proxy Network. Chromium is literally basically just spyware. Chromium also supports weird HTML Features which NO ONE uses, meaning they are adding features to Chromium to support things that aren't even used and probably will not be used in a long time or forever. Chromium sends your information to their servers to save your data. You may notice your antivirus saying that a program called software_reporter_tool.exe has suspicious activity or is active, this is google chromes tool cleaning up space, or sometimes sending your information to their servers.
So, now you want to stop using Chrome (or any other chromium-based browser), but also do not want to stop using Chrome because you don't have another browser to go to? Well, we have a solution for you! We definitely recommend Firefox as your new browser. Firefox does not track you at all, is faster than Chrome in most ways, is user friendly, and uses way less RAM (memory) and disk space as chromium browsers. Firefox also has a built-in ad blocker, tracking cookie blocker, and a device fingerprinter blocker. If you want a browser non-chromium based, but more similar looking to Google Chrome, we recommend Waterfox. Waterfox is 100% free as well, and you can download it at waterfox.net