Why you should have more than enough disk space

Disk space matters.

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Disk Space matters.  Whether you have an HDD,SSD, an SD Card, or some other form of storage, disk space always matters.  For windows 10, the recommended minimum amount of disk space is about 75GB, because of windows' size (usually 32gb - 40gb), and because you need more space for Windows Updates, 3rd party software, and more.  This doesn't just apply to windows, it applies to macOS, Android, iOS, Ubuntu Desktop, CentOS, Ubuntu Server, and almost every other OS, no matter if its a mobile device, a dedicated server in a datacenter, your work PC, or even your regular home PC.  We recommend that a standard PC that you plan to install other software on should have around 200GB of disk space.  If you do not have enough disk space, (lets say you have windows 10, and windows 10 itself is 32gb and you only have 40gb), and a system update occurs, it could be larger than your disk space capacity, and it could fill up your disk causing your system to crash.  All it takes is one half written system file, and your system might never be able to start up again.  If you manage to start up your system with a disk which is completely filled, you will not be able to start any software, including your browser.  If you are running low on disk space on your windows machine, you can use the Disk Cleanup tool.  Screenshots of it are below:

You can help clean up space on macOS by clicking here

You can help clean up space on Ubuntu by clicking here