Should I have Shared Web hosting, a VPS, or a Dedicated server?

When it comes to hosting your website or application, you will need to buy hosting from a hosting company.  The 3 main types of hosting that are very popular are a VPS (Virtual Private Server), a Dedicated Server, or Shared Web Hosting.  Now, a Virtual Private Server aka VPS is a Virtual machine on a dedicated server.  Think of it as you are running a virtual machine on your computer, whether is VMWare, VirtualBox, or Hyper V Manager.  They do the same, except usually assign a dedicated IP to the Virtual Machine and have it on a powerful dedicated server that can handle dozens of Virtual Machines.  A dedicated server is a server usually in a datacenter, but can also be in your own house, which is usually somewhat powerful, powerful enough to handle multiple heavyweight applications and host multiple websites.  If you buy shared web hosting, whether its from HostGator, Kavorti, BlueHost, or more, your website is hosted on the same server (it can be a VPS or dedicated server) as dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other websites.  They all share the same resources and that is why shared hosting is usually cheap and easy to manage.  Most shared hosting providers provide a few different control panels, Plesk, cPanel, CyberPanel, TinyCP, and more.  If you want to host just a website whether its wordpress, a static website, or any other PHP or JS app then we recommend shared hosting.  If you want to host a application which requires its own ports and system files, we recommend a VPS or a Docker Container.  Docker Containers can even be ran your friends VPS or your own VPS.  More information about Docker Containers can be found in one of our previous blog posts here.

If you absolutely need dedicated resources and are hosting very sensitive information which must have the lowest risk of getting compromised, we recommend a dedicated server.

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