PHP is the future.

PHP is a scripting language usually used for websites.  It was originally created in 1994 and still running today.  Did you know, PHP is installed on over 20 million websites and 1 million web servers?  Yeah, it sounds kind of crazy but it is true.  PHP Is the future of programming languages.  It has tons of features, and with it you can develop amazing mind-blowing apps.  For example, some of our most popular projects at Swivro, (Swivro Plus, WeblySave) are written in mostly PHP.  If we had never used PHP, we wouldn't have developed either of those projects, not even in another programming language, as PHP has all the necessary requirements we need.  Tons of people do not realize the potential PHP has of building amazing web applications and even desktop applications!  For this, we own an app called ElectronWeb.  It is a webserver written in ElectronJS which has PHP installed onto it, so you can put all of your web code in that web server (your web/website code does NOT have to be PHP, it can be HTML, JS, and more), and boom, you have a desktop application powered by PHP!  The world's biggest website content management system, WordPress (which powers about 20% of all websites on the whole internet) also uses PHP.  WordPress might not have ever existed if PHP Never existed.  What this means is, if PHP had never existed, tons of websites might have never existed, failed, or not be developed properly.  Since PHP has made a huge positive impact on the internet, about a bigger impact than a majority of other programming languages, it means it is most likely to have an even better future.  If you could randomly tell us 10 websites, most likely at least 7 of them use PHP.  In the future, all apps could transfer to PHP Whether if they are currently using NodeJS, C#, C++, Python, Kotlin, Java, and more, because of PHP's amazing power of developing apps.  Swivro plans to release a lot more projects in 2020, and a lot of them will be powered by PHP too.  This includes web apps, android apps, iOS Apps, windows apps, linux apps, and more.  Get started learning PHP today by simply clicking here.